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Name       : Karen Aardal
Email      : K 'dot' I 'dot' Aardal 'at' tudelft 'dot' nl
Office     : 04.030
Address    : Delft Institute of Applied Mathematics,
             Faculteit EWI, Technische Universiteit Delft
             Mekelweg 4
             2628 CD Delft
             The Netherlands
Phone      : +31 15 27 85093/84109  

Here is a link to our Campus Map. We sit in building 36.


My research interests are integer and combinatorial optimization, especially algebraic methods for integer optimization problems. I am also working on analysis of algorithms and applications in the area of health and logistics.

Before becoming full professor at TU Delft (2008) I held positions at several Dutch universities and at CWI, and at University of Essex, UK and Georgia Tech, USA.

I have been a chair of the Mathematical Optimization Society (MOS), and of the MOS Publications and Executive Committees. I have also served three terms as a member of the board of INFORMS Computing Society.

I serve or have served as area editor “Design and Analysis of Algorithms” of INFORMS J on Computing, associate editor of Mathematical Programming Series B, Networks, Operations Research Letters, and EURO Journal on Computational Optimization. I co-edited (with G.L. Nemhauser and R. Weismantel) the handbook on Discrete Optimization (Elsevier), and two volumes of Mathematical Programming, Series B. I was chairing the Program Committee of IPCO 2023 and has served on various program committees of IPCO and ESA.

I was a member of the Dutch Mathematics Council in the period 2016-2021, and am currently a member of the Institute Advisory Committee of CWI, Amsterdam, the board ENW of the the Dutch Organization for Scientific Research, NWO, and of the Scientific Committee of the Gesellschaft für Mathematische Forschung e.V. (MFO, Oberwolfach).

I became an INFORMS fellow in 2019.


Selected papers:


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