Application of the algebraic flux correction algorithm to a one-dimensional water flood model
Prakhar Agarwal (COSSE student, double degree with Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen- Nurnberg)

Supervisors: Johan Romate and Matthias Moeller

Site of the project:
Kessler Park 1
2288 GS Rijswijk

Supervisor Shell: Johan Romate

start of the project: November 2014

Summary of the master project:
In petroleum reservoir engineering water flooding is a technique to enhance the oil recovery from a reservoir. In water flooding water is injected in one or more places (injection wells) under high enough pressure for the oil to be displaced towards the producing wells. In this assignment a one-dimensional water flooding model is considered. On one end the water is injected and on the other end oil and water are produced. The model describes the two-phase flow of incompressible fluids (oil and water) through a porous medium. To solve the model a high-resolution method with algebraic flux correction algorithm is used to investigate its applicability to this type of problem.

Contact information: Kees Vuik

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