Morfo-poroelastic models for tumor growth
Duncan den Bakker

Supervisor TU Delft: Fred Vermolen

start of the project: January 2020

In June 2020 the Interim Thesis has appeared and a presentation has been given.

The Master project has been finished in July 2020 by the completion of the Masters Thesis and a final presentation has been given.

For working address etc. we refer to our alumnipage.

Summary of the master project:
Growth of tumors is characterised by excessive cancer cell proliferation and by the exerting of pushing forces on their neighbours and immediate environment. Since tumors contain both solid and liquid media, it is necessary to incorporate the fluid-structure interaction of these different phases in the growth problem. For this reason, we integrate morfological changes in the poroelastic framework by Biot. This integration will be analysed in terms of (numerical) stability and applicability of finite-element methods. A probable implementation is the use Taylor-Hood type elements in which the polynomial order of the velocity exceeds the polynomial order of the pressure and where the pressure is modelled through continuous basis functions. Other alternatives are the quest of so-called 'mini elements', which are known to be suitable for saddle-point problems.

Contact information: Kees Vuik

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