Topological network-assisted quantum operations in two-dimensions
Genya Crossman (COSSE student, double degree with TU Berlin)

Site of the project: TU Delft
Supervisor TU Delft: Eliska Greplova and Kees Vuik

start of the project: October 2021

In April 2022 the Interim Thesis has appeared and a presentation has been given.

The Master project has been finished in August 2022 by the completion of the Masters Thesis and a final presentation has been given.

For working address etc. we refer to our alumnipage.

Summary of the master project:
Interest and investment in quantum technologies continue to increase, yet these systems are still so riddled with noise that today's hardware, often referred to as noisy intermediate scale quantum (NISQ) devices, is not robust enough to run many interesting algorithms. Invariants of topological metamaterials' symmetries offer protections against noise and, thus, present a possible advantage in mitigating NISQ noise challenges. When considering a 2D array of superconducting resonators - common elements in quantum integrated circuits that act as harmonic oscillators - chiral modes may be observed on the edge of the array. With qubits attached, behaviors and manipulation of the chiral edge modes will be explored as an enhanced method of implementing quantum gates with reduced noise.

Contact information: Kees Vuik

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