Improving the iterative methods in TNO DIANA using physical properties of the underlying model
Alex Sangers

Supervisor: Martin van Gijzen

Site of the project:
Delftechpark 19a
2628 XJ Delft
The Netherlands

Supervisor TNO DIANA: G.M.A. Schreppers

start of the project: September 2013

In December 2013 the Interim Thesis has appeared and a presentation has been given.

The Master project has been finished in June 2014 by the completion of the Masters Thesis and a final presentation has been given. For working address etc. we refer to our alumnipage.

Summary of the master project:
DIANA is an extensive multi-purpose finite element software package that is dedicated, but not exclusive, to a wide range of problems arising in Civil Engineering including structural, geotechnical, tunnelling, earthquake disciplines and oil and gas engineering. One of the computationally most intensive parts of a finite element analysis is the solution of one or more systems of linear equations, i.e., solving Ku = f. For this purpose a number of direct and iterative solution methods are available in DIANA.

As the demand for larger and more accurate finite element analysis grows every year, so do the corresponding models. These large three-dimensional problems can lead to millions of degrees of freedom and thus, to an equally large system of equations. Iterative methods have proved to be able to solve these systems in a reasonable time and require less memory than the direct methods.

The purpose of this research is to find out what problems are occuring with the iterative method of DIANA and how to solve these problems. One direction which will be considered is deflation based on the physical properties of the underlying problem, such as material properties. Another technique that will be addressed is preconditioning (scaling) the system of equations based on the type of degree of freedom, such as translation, rotation or pressure.

Using deflation, the different physical properties can be used to solve the problem in an efficient way

An application of TNO DIANA

Contact information: Kees Vuik

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